Will I ever be a good writer?


When I entered ADA University, from the very first year my life was occupied by writing papers, paragraphs, summaries, and paraphrases. However, I never actually got satisfactory grades for my papers. Even my teachers did not have faith that I would improve my writing. I was very upset and almost gave up since I thought I was not going to be a good writer.  Writing was not “my cup of tea”, I thought to myself. Nevertheless, I never lost faith in myself and kept improving my writing. And here I am, one of the Write Space consultants and successful students in ADA University. Now I get very satisfactory grades for my written assignments, which I owe to my patience and instructors. Here are my quick tips for you to be able to improve your writing:

  • Passion – first of all, you have to love what you are doing
  • Attention – Be attentive to what your instructor/assignment wants from you.
  • Punctuality – Never or rarely miss classes because even by missing one class you lose a lot of information.
  • Experience – of course the more you write/read/research, the more successful you will become.
  • Feedback – I would say one of the most important factors that helped me a lot was getting feedback from my friends and of course professional Write Space consultants 🙂

Therefore, my dear friends, each of you can become a good writer 🙂 Keep loving whatever you are working on, it will lead you to happiness!



Shakar is studying International Relations at ADA University. She is currently a writing consultant at ADA University Writing Centre. She loves traveling, tasting new food, shopping and spending quality time beloved ones

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