Top 5 reasons to visit the Writing Center

Shakar Ismayilova

  • Free feedback – There a saying in Azerbaijani culture that “A student never has money!” (Tələbənin pulu olmaz!) Guess what! The Writing Center Consultants are here to help you for free!!!
  • No judgment, only improvement – Students are not fond of hearing judgments. But, we, the Writing Center consultants, only care about how you can develop your paper. Even if you have not started to write your paper yet, no consultant will judge you for that, but rather will be the one willing to sit next to you and help you.
  • Friends – The Writing Center Consultants are the students studying with you at the same university or even at the same class. We are not professors or instructors, but students, who face the same challenges just like you.
  • Confidence – One of the benefits of visiting our Center is that you can be sure that you are on the right track and you can also know what your strong sides are and what needs improvement.
  • Any piece of writing – We are here not only to help you write any paper or part of it for any class, but also to help you prepare for future career or university application by assisting you in writing an effective motivation letter or statement of
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