Eight Word Story Competition 13-14

Picture 26

The Write Space is pleased to announce our 2nd annual incredibly super -short story contest. Last year you had six words to work with. This year we are feeling generous, so we’re letting you have EIGHT! (We’re also tipping our hats to Women’s Day on March 8.)

Here are some example stories. (We found these but YOU are expected to write your own.) The best stories have action – implied or otherwise. They often have an unexpected ending.

Me and My Cell Phone by Maulik Shah
Texting, Gaming, Listening, Socializing, Walking, lamp post, slam…..

Close Call by Dave Shirley
Death came calling; she answered “Sorry, wrong number…”

Dizzy Kitty by Bernard Hamblin
Kitty’s where? You can’t dry her in there!

Great Fortune – almost by anonymous
I threw it away. Was it a winner?

Entry forms and boxes for submissions can be found in SB lobby, the library circulation desk and in the Write Space.

Two subject categories: Women (in honor of Women’s Day 8/3)

Open Category – anything else

Two contestant categories: Students (EAPP/BA/MA) Faculty and Staff

Submissions Due: February 28, 5 pm
Winners Announced: March 7



Who is eligible:

BA 2016 17 and 18 , MADIA 2014 and 2015, MPP 2015, EMBA 2015  Faculty/Staff.


  • Write a story consisting of exactly eight words.
  • Everything having space on both sides is counted as a word. “ADA’s” is one word; “ADA is” are two words.
  • Every article is counted as a word.
  • Words that are normally hyphenated are counted as one word, ex: forty-six.
  • Write your story on a form which is available in the library, the lobby of the Business School and in the Writing Center. The forms are numbered to ensure anonymity. The judges will see only the section without your name.
  • Please submit your work to the boxes at the same places starting on Friday, February 14th, and ending Friday, February 28th.
  • You can submit as many stories as you wish.
  • Prizes will be awarded
  • You are encouraged to write about women, in honor of Women’s Day or anything else. Or both J Just don’t forget… Keep it short.

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