Long Night Against Procrastination

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In April 2013, the Write Space and ADA Library organized ADA’s Long Night Against Procrastination

Open to: MADIA & BA 2016 students
Reservation at the Write Space was required

Students got a good start on the final push for the end of the semester. Working with friends was much more fun than sitting home alone.

Faculty and Write Space consultants was there to help the students. We also provided refreshments in the Books ‘n Beans area.

Energizing group activities were organized to help students stay awake and focused. It just happened that one of the consultants had his 25th birthday, so the midnight activity included a surprise cake with candles!

Rules applied during the event:

  • Participants have to register by 5:00pm on Wednesday, April 17
  • Participants must follow all library rules
  • Participants are there to work not watch movies, play games etc.
  • Anyone disturbing others will be asked to leave.
  • Talking is only allowed in small group meeting rooms or Books ‘n Beans.
  • Participants should not touch smart boards.
  • Food is only allowed in Books ’n’ Beans.
  • Participants are expected to clean up after ourselves.
  • Books should be left on desks or book trucks NOT re-shelved.

2 Responses to Long Night Against Procrastination

  1. Alla says:

    Night Owl’s Hours! Woot-woot!
    How do I register???

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