Six Word Story Contest 12-13

6 WS Winners Banner

In February 2013 the ADA’s Writing Center organized the Six Word Story Contest for students, faculty and staff. With nearly 200 entries, the Writing Center had a tough job selecting the winners.


We went through a great variety of creative and entertaining six word stories, but the winners were:

From BA2017

First prize: “Boys: Rude, friends. Girls: kind, enemies.” (Shariyar Akbarli)


First prize: “Party rocked. I found myself engaged.” (Novruz Hasanov)

Second prize: “No one is listening. Except Siri.” (Abulfaz Asgarov)


First prize: “Promised myself to study harder. Lied.” (Sarkhan Huseynov)

Second prize: “Crawl, walk, stumble, fall, rise up!!!” (Ndey Haddy Jeng)


First prize: “Closet full. Bank account at zero.” (Janice Ottey)

Second prize: “Five words. Less is more. Sometimes.” (Anke Piepenbrink)

The Best of Janine Clarke

One of our faculty member, Dr. Janine Clarke submitted nearly 20 six word stories on her own. The Writing Center decided to award her participation by creating a category of her own, for the highest number of submissions. Here is some of her stories:

“Trust met betrayal. And flew away.”
“Summer ended before we were done.”
“Cancer. Chemotherapy. New hair. New life.”
“She loved. He lied. He limped.”
“Her winter clothes fit me now.”
“She prayed, and played, against the odds.”


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