The wordiness “syndrome”



I have always thought I was a good writer. Much more, a critic of other peoples’ work. It is always easier to critique than to write :). When I came to ADA, I never thought I would experience problems with writing until wordiness hit me right in the face. I had never really thought being wordy until I came to ADA.

I looked forward to this idea of advanced academic writing. In my head, it never occurred to me that in this new area of my study, I would actually be told to use the simplest words possible and to use fewer words to communicate my ideas. In the back of my mind, there was always something telling me I had to be a little complicated to be an effective academic writer.

The first semester of my studies was filled with the word “wordiness”. In almost every class we had, Ms. Molly Burke Kirova would always use it. Suddenly, I was wordy. That was my new academic writing sickness. I thought it was going to be easy to stop being wordy. It wasn’t. I still am pretty wordy even now. But now I am more conscious of it. I check more to see if there are words that are not necessary in my work. There could be plenty of these in this very blog :).

I realise now that there is always something new to learn. Learn and keep on learning. If possible, write. Keep on writing; there is plenty to jot down all around us.  Every time I write something, I now focus on communicating my ideas in the fewest words possible. Even when I have to meet the required number of words, I meet the target with words that are necessary and relevant.

Suzyika Nyimbili is a Graduate Student at ADA University Azerbaijan studying public policy. He is a theatre and poetry enthusiast who currently works as a writing consultant at The Write Space. He tweets @kulijekusuzyika and his personal blog is on


2 Responses to The wordiness “syndrome”

  1. Shakar says:

    Dear Suzyika, one of the problems I had during my early years in ADA. Thanks to you that you freshened my mind about how important it is to keep everything simple and be able to send the message rather than being complicated.

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