Hall of Fame

Ms. Cheryl Pavlik, Founding Director of the Writing Center (2012 – 2014)

tony%27s picCheryl Pavlik is a lifelong educator and writer. She has taught students of almost every age and background from school children in Mexico to executives in the United States. She is also the author of more than 40 English language textbooks in use in classrooms all over the world.  Ms. Pavlik joined ADA University in 2012. She is the founder and former coordinator of the Write Space, ADA’s writing center, where she trained talented student writers to help their peers. Her extensive experience also includes living in nine different countries including, Nigeria, Thailand, Mexico and Iran. She is currently back in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Janice Cropped

Ms Janice Ottey, Writing Center director and head of the Writing Program, 2014-2015

Writing Consultants


Lilioza Szilagyi, MADIA 2015


Minavvar Ibrahimli, BAIS 2017


Leyla Mehdizade, BAIS 2016

Mukhammed Nasirov

Mukhammed Nasirov, BAIS 2017


Lucie Wuester, Exchange student 2015-2016


Aysel Isayeva, BAIS 2017

Aminath Naseer, BAIS 2017


Bushra Zia, MADIA 2015


Nigar Asgarova, MADIA 2015

pico 2

Noemi Rabbia, MADIA 2015



Mariel Stratford, Fulbright teaching assistant, 2015-2016

WC Jimmy

James Balzano, MADIA 2013

WC Begli

Begli Annamyradov, MADIA 2014

WC Tereza

Teresa Kotaskova, MADIA 2014


Farzin Farzad, MADIA 2014


Mateusz Wysocki, MADIA 2014



Suzyika Nyimbili, MPP 2016


Shakar Ismayilova, BAIS 2017


Samuel Kinyanjui, MADIA 2015


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