Our Team




Ms. Alla Savelyeva earned a bachelor’s in English and Linguistics from Buryat State University (Russia) and a master’s in Diplomacy and International Affairs from ADA University. She is a CELTA certified instructor. Alla started her career at ADA University as an English instructor and now teaches Academic Writing to freshmen students and coordinates the Writing Center. Prior to coming to Azerbaijan, she focused on teaching English and Russian as foreign languages. For a change of scenery she spent two years working as an interpreter for an environmental exchange program in the USA, Russia and Mongolia. Her academic areas of interest include academic and business writing and second-language teaching.






Name: Aynur Asadli

Program: BAIS 2018

Background: Graduated from secondary school named after Nazim Rafiyev. In addition, graduated from the Musical school number 4. Currently, majoring International Affairs and Diplomacy in ADAU.

Interests: I like traveling and discovering new places, cultures, and people. For me, it doesn’t matter if the place to which I travel is a historical place or a very modern city. At the same time, I am fond of reading books. Mostly, I like reading detective, but I try to read books from all genres in order to enlarge my outlook. I prefer reading books to watching films.

Why writing: I believe while writing, one can discover himself/herself. When you write, you dive to the bottom of your thoughts. Writing is the best way to think and analyze. It gives you a chance to put your thoughts in order.



Name: Asya Musayeva

Program: BBA 2018

Background: Graduated from the Lyceum of Young Talents of Baku State University and musical school named after Shovkat Alekberova. Currently, majoring in Business Administration in ADA University.

Interests: Teaching, writing, exercising, dancing, singing, drawing, cooking, playing piano, and of course, spending time with my loved ones are the things that give me pleasure, satisfaction and harmony.

Why writing: For me, writing is a form of self-therapy. I feel my most alive and my strongest sense of equilibrium when I sit alone and express my feelings, imagination and opinions through writing. I savor the solitude of writing because it helps me to express my thoughts without being afraid of anything.



Name: Ulvi Shiraliyev

Program: BAIS 2018

Background: Graduated the high school named after Ilgar Mammadov. Received admission to ADA University in 2013. Currently studying the Bachelor degree of The Arts in International Relations.

Interests: I am a person always trying to catch the joy of the moment. “Interest” might mean everything to me. My interests are never ever bordered. Whatever surrounds me might have the power to grab me into itself… Wherever and whenever I please. Notwithstanding this, I like watching documentaries, abstract-art, sketching & painting, fashion-designing, crafting, sculpture, roller-blading, jogging, karate, yoga and so forth…

Why writing: Because I am a Bachelor of Arts in Life Studies. To me, Life is indeed an Essay. And there are no better instructors than Mr&Ms. Mistakes.



Name: Firangiz Azadi

Program: BAPA 2018

Background: Graduated from the school number 211. Currently, majoring in the Bachelor of Arts in Public Affairs.

Interests: Reading books which can improve my outlook, listening to music, traveling, experiencing new culture and environment, knitting, and decorating are my areas of interest.

Why writing: Being like a mirror, writing reflects who we are as a person. It expresses our intelligence, ideas, as well as beliefs. Writing is an essential skill because it improves our communication skills, creativity, and analytical thinking.



Name: Asya Huseynli

Program: BBA 2018

Background: Graduated from secondary school named after Ilqar Ibrahimov and currently major in Business Administration in ADA University.

Interests: My interests are very diverse because I think a person should try everything in her life (of course within reason). I enjoy reading books and articles about body language because I think that one’s body language gives you a lot of interesting information about that person and even much more than you can get from him verbally, by talking to that person. My other interests include travel, debating, public speaking and Arabic language.

Why writing: I think writing gives you a chance to express your thoughts in a clearer way. It enables you to say what you truly want to say. That is why in the past people were sending letters to each other when it was hard for them to say something in person. They were expressing their thoughts on paper more easily than by talking face-to-face. This is very common today as well. This leads me to believe that writing is a very powerful tool.



Name: Rana Abidova

Program: BBA 2019

Background: Graduated from school-lyceum N6 named after T.K.Ismayilov in 2015. Currently studying Business Administration.

Interests: I love visiting ancient places and learning about their history. At the same time, I am fond of learning new languages. I am studying French and my next aim is Italian.

Why writing:
Writing is the most effective way to deliver your thoughts to other people. Writing encourages critical thinking and the writer learns how to interpret the world in a meaningful manner. Finally, it is a very important job skill.



Name: Sara Shirinova

Program: BAIS 2018

Background: I graduated from Ankara high school and am obtaining my Bachelor Degree of Arts in International Studies in ADA University.

Interests: I like drawing pictures, listening to classical music, and learning new languages. Also, I am eager to get acquainted with new places and traditions.

Why writing: For me as an introvert, writing is an irreplaceable and invaluable way to effectively express and deliver my ideas. Writing is a means for making one’s ideas visible and long available for other people.




Name: Heydar Rzayev

Program: BAIS 2020

Background: I graduated from school number 89. I am an undergraduate student and major in International Relations.

Interests: Photography is my true passion in life.  I share photos on my Instagram page. I also spend my free time reading books, watching TV series, listening to instrumental music, and playing computer games.  Moreover, I try to learn new languages because they are an important part of my academic life.

Why writing? Because the palest ink is stronger than the sharpest memory. Moreover, writing is an essential part of my major and it is the best way to express myself.





Name: Gumral Habibbayli

Program: BAIS 2020

Background: I graduated from the XXI Century IEIC.

Interests: Reading books, traveling, listening to music, and watching movies are my most favourite things to do at leisure. A new book, place, song, or movie can inspire me in my future endeavours.

Why writing: Writing is one of the most prominent means of communicating one’s ideas, opinions, and feelings to other people properly. In the endless world of writing, you can look at any issue from disparate perspectives and put down your thoughts about that in the way you like.




Name: Andrea Gutiérrez Cristóbal

Program: MADIA 2018

Background: Graduated from the University of the Basque Country with a degree in Translation and Interpretation, specialized in French and Russian. Currently a Master’s Student of Diplomacy and International Affairs.

Interests: My two main interests are sports and travelling. In my free time I really enjoy running, hiking, playing basketball, volleyball, swimming… you name it! My family and I have travelled a lot, which is probably why I find exploring new countries and cultures so interesting. In addition to these two hobbies, I enjoy reading a lot, especially thrillers and stories through which a country’s culture and customs are reflected.

Why writing: Writing is a way to organize our thoughts and clear our heads. Sometimes the process of writing can be hard or seemingly never-ending, but it is always very satisfying once it is completed.


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