Creative Writing Club


Did you know we have a creative writing club running at ADAU? Come and be part of the fun. Every Friday at 3pm in The Writing Center.

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Second Graduate Writing Worshop: How to Write A Literature Review.


Wondering how you can write a Literature Review? Come to The Writing Center’s second Graduate Writing workshop.

This Friday, 16th October, 2015.

18:30, SPIA 116. See you there.


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Argumentative writing workshop for freshman students

ADAU is busy with the hype of assignments and deadlines already!! The Write Space has been receiving students with assignments on argumentative writing the past weeks! For some, this has been a pain staking experience 🙂 Worry no more!! The WC will be conducting a workshop on argumentative writing. The workshop will be conducted by Mariel Stratford (Fullbright Scholar and WC consultant) on Wednesday 7th October, 2015 in SPIA 116 at 4:00pm

If you are a freshman, do not miss this great opportunity 😀 See you there!


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Writing Workshop for Grad Students.

One of the main reasons the ADAU Write Space was started is to allow students get feedback on their writing. We believe people become better writers when they receive some feedback!! Writing might not be the easiest of things but can be the best way to learn new things. The WC has organised a Writing Workshops for Grad Students of ADA University!

The workshop is on Friday at 6:30pm in  SPIA 116. If you are a Grad students, come through and get some writing tips that might just do you a huge favour 😀 Be there and tell a friend!!

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Drop in sessions at the Write Space!!!

Just in case you have been coming to our website, you should have noticed that that you cant make a booking. Well, we are having a few technical issues with our booking system. For now, the system is not working and so you wont be able to book online.

The good news is that you can still drop by the Write Space. There will be a consultant there waiting for you.

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So do you also think the writing center is only for undergrads?

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The Story of an Outline

Mukhammed Nasirov

Mukhammed Nasirov

Most of the time the writing process makes me suffer. It is always difficult for me to start writing; however, if an outline is structured and completed it eases the work. Before I assumed that an outline should include just sections such as introduction, bodies, and conclusion. Nevertheless, after entering academic life my assumptions changed– a new type of outline appeared for me. There I had to include not only functional division of writing, but also certain ideas in each paragraph. Furthermore, after spending one additional year in University I learned that even each idea in body should have details, evidence, and overall structure.

Today, writing any kind of paper or doing any kind of work, be it daily routine or professional life, I have an outline. It does not matter whether writing is long or is just blog post I should have an outline for it. I am happy that I realized the importance of outlining and now successfully use this strategy every day.

Mukhammed Nasirov is an undergraduate student majoring in Finance & Accounting and currently works as Writing Consultant at The Write Space.

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Having trouble understanding the prompt? Don’t stress. The Write Space will help you!

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When and why to visit The Write Space

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