How to prepare

  • First of all, make an appointment. For that, use our online booking system.
  • In the booking form, please specify what would you like to be the focus of your consultation (brainstorming, conclusion, thesis statement, general advice, etc.)
  • Do not forget to e-mail us your paper after booking the appointment. After you make your booking, you will receive an e-mail notification from an advisor, simply reply to that e-mail and attach your draft paper.
  • Read your paper over carefully before you arrive.
  • Try to come early in the writing process. It is in your own interest to come in advance and have time for revisions.
  • Make sure you are not late for your appointment.
  • And don’t forget to switch off your phone.

What to expect

  • We will sit down together and discuss your questions, the parts of the paper you are not sure about and other issues.
  • You do not have to bring a finished paper. Do not hesitate to come with your first draft or even a blank piece of paper.
  • Our priority is to discuss the most important issues, such as structure, organization or argumentation.
  • We will provide you with handouts on specific writing issues.
  • We can help you with developing ideas and research strategies.
  • We can help you to work on your proof-reading and editing skills.
  • You want to make your paper better.
  • We want to make you a better writer.

What not to expect

  • Do not expect a monologue, but a dialogue. The session is about you, so feel free to come up with whatever writing issue you want to discuss.
  • We will not write your paper or fix every mistake. We will work together on improving your work.
  • We cannot help you with take-home exams.
  • We do not discuss or predict your grades.
  • Do not expect us to print papers that you are not discussing in the writing center.

Rules and Regulations

  • The writing center is open to all undergraduate and graduate students with the exception of students of English preparatory courses.
  • Always schedule an appointment online, we cannot guarantee to find time to answer your question without an appointment.
  • Come on time. If you are late more than 5 minutes, your appointment will be cancelled.
  • We can only help you with your paper while you are present.
  • If you are in the writing center working on your paper without a consultation, try to be quiet.
  • Do not interrupt tutoring sessions.

One Response to Rules

  1. Arzu says:

    I like this method

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